BREED: Registered Paint Horse
COLOR: Chestnut
HEIGHT: 14.2 hands

Zach was formerly a show-jumper and retired from higher jumps. Because he is such a gentleman, he inspires confidence in our intermediate to advanced riders, but is safe enough for a tall beginner!

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Schnook is for our intermediate riders who have developed balance, independent hands, and a desire to learn to jump.

Schook has experience as a show pony,

BREED: American Quarter Horse
COLOR: Chestnut
HEIGHT: 15.3 hands
Fav Treat: Peppermint
BREED: Registered American Quarter Horse
COLOR: Chestnut
HEIGHT: 16.3 hands
FAV TREAT: Soft oatmeal & molasses muffins
"Miss Sweet Pea"

Miss Sweet Pea allows our smaller riders to feel safe while learning the basics. She is a large pony.

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​Pinot Noir is occasionally ridden by advanced students. He is

Miss Stephanie's personal horse, and a bit of a clown!

Pinot ("Pea-No") enjoys all treats! He is a Half-Arabian.


Most beginners meet King on their first day and love him forever. He inspires confidence, causes laughter, and provides the building blocks for the next level of riding.

Meet the Horses

BREED: Quarter Pony
COLOR: Black
HEIGHT: 14.1 hands
Fav Treat:  Soft Oat Muffins

Renaissance Farm of Crosswicks