Renaissance Farm of Crosswicks


Baby Wally,

son of Holly, who is a colored Cormo Mix with a very high percentage Cormo!

His fleece will be crimped and soft!

Our flock is carefully hand sheared each spring.

Colored Cormo Sheep

Soft, highly crimped, naturally colored wool.​​ Since 2003, Renaissance Farm has been breeding color into the Cormo breed while striving to maintain the Cormo "next to skin" soft and highly crimped characteristics, which is what makes the wool so special. Highly sought after by hand spinners, Cormo is said to be softer than Merino.

Cormo sheep are typically white. We do own registered sheep, yet decided to also carefully breed color into our small flock, retaining a majority of %Cormo.

For hand spinners, and fiber artists we think you will find the following information about the characteristics of Cormo Wool interesting:

Sheep Breeding and Wool Fleece